About Us

Sanzi Performance Organics is family owned and began in 2008 when Robin Sanzi suggested to her husband, Robert Sanzi, award-winning master stylist for over 28 years, to create his own line of hair care. Robert was not impressed by the products on the market, he was concerned about the amount of chemicals in them and he knew he could design a completely color-safe, sulfate and paraben-free shampoo. And their original product became an instant winner.

We want people to enjoy the benefit of our products hair-wise as well as health-wise because it's not only what's in our product that makes it great, it's what's NOT in it that makes it special.  

 There are organic products out there but they're not high-performance. This is a high-performance organic line. Our clients say:

And it's true, you can see your hair transformed in about 2 weeks because of our anti-aging, multi-fruit complex. About 98% of our clients purchase our products and 95% of them come back for more because it works and it's safe.